Fly fishing Blithfield – UPDATE – Behaviour issues! – 16th June 2020

///Fly fishing Blithfield – UPDATE – Behaviour issues! – 16th June 2020

Fly fishing Blithfield – UPDATE – Behaviour issues! – 16th June 2020

RE: All Anglers and Behaviour at Blithfield

It is unfortunate that we are having to write to you all on several matters that have arisen in recent weeks but we now have no choice.

There has been a gradual but noticeable increase in poor behaviour from both Permit holders and Syndicate Anglers in recent years but since re-opening after the easing of lockdown restrictions this has become a more significant issue. We have received several complaints from fellow anglers, other Reservoir users and residents who live alongside the Reservoir and its environs regarding incidents including loose dogs, urinating on banks and in hedges, wading deeper than thigh depth, excessively early arrival at the Reservoir etc. . As a result of these incidents we would like to remind you all of the following –

  • Arrival on the Reservoir is not permitted earlier than 7.45am – any anglers arriving earlier than this will be asked to wait outside the perimeter gates.
  • Anglers must NOT commence fishing before 8am as per Rule 1. Anglers fishing before 8am will be asked to leave the Reservoir immediately.
  • Anglers must close all gates behind them when entering or leaving the Reservoir. This includes the large black metal gates near the Estates Office which must be kept closed but not locked at ALL times. This was always the case previously until recent years and is now in force once again.
  • Urinating along banks, in hedges or in the open is NOT permitted and we ask ALL anglers to refrain from doing so. Toilet facilities are available at the Boat House and now at Mickledale Bay and Beech Tree Point. Any angler caught urinating in the open will be asked to leave immediately. It is NOT acceptable to urinate or defecate in the open at the Reservoir AT ANY TIME.
  • All dogs MUST be kept on a lead or in the vehicle when at the Reservoir. Anglers ARE NOT PERMITTED to allow dogs off the lead under any circumstances. If you feel you cannot adhere to this rule then please leave your dogs at home. The Reservoir is a SSSI with ground nesting birds and sensitive areas of habitat.
  • Wading any deeper than thigh depth is not permitted. Several anglers are already flouting this rule despite being spoken to about it by the Bailiffs. Any angler caught doing so in future will receive a written warning and if they continue to ignore this their Permit will be ceased and they will be expelled from Blithfield Anglers, as per Rule 14.
  • Any sightings of trespass, fish theft or anti-social behaviour must be reported to Staffordshire Police on 101 (digital 101 is available on Staffordshire Police’s Facebook page, via Messenger, which enables the sharing of photographic or video evidence) and also reported to the Duty Bailiff on 07974 263338. Please do not leave it unreported.

The rise in the number of Rule breaches and the apparent disregard for the Reservoir and its environment, along with some unacceptable behaviour recently means that we will be taking action to prevent such incidents continuing in the future.

We would please ask all Syndicate Secretaries to assist wherever possible in relaying the rules to their Members. It is a worrying trend of bad etiquette that we would hope to nip in the bud before any Societies or Clubs are brought into disrepute by this poor behaviour. We must also assure you  that all Permit holders have been sent the same letter and are treated with equal measure in this regard.

Yours sincerely,

Claire                                    Dave

Claire Pullinger                      Dave Naylor

On behalf of the Team at Blithfield Anglers

Angling Regulations during Covid-19 Restrictions

Phase Two – Syndicate Anglers, commencing 2nd June, 2020 

Booking In 

  • All syndicate permit holders must book in advance of their visit by telephone ONLY. The ‘phone lines are currently very busy so please be patient – 01283 840284 . No bookings accepted by email, Facebook or Messenger.
  • IMPORTANT – Please book between 8am and 12 noon Monday to Friday only during this time.
  • Please do not turn up at the fishery without prior booking as you will be turned away.
  • All current syndicate angling and fishery rules still apply during this time.

Arriving at the Fishery 

  • Anglers should arrive on their own unless they can prove they are travelling with someone they live with.
  • DO NOT arrive before 8am please.
  • You must have your valid Syndicate Membership card/booklet with you as you will be asked for this on arrival
  • Anglers must not share tackle with anyone else
  • The Main Entrance gates will be opened by fishery staff. Fishery staff will be disinfecting other gates, styles and any surface that anglers will be in contact with. Lodge doors, switches, handles, desk, ’phone etc. all touching points will be disinfected regularly.
  • Return cards will be written for you and left for collection from the Boathouse. We will sign your visit card on your behalf so you do not need to call into the office at all. Please observe the distancing rules at all times.
  • Anglers are encouraged to park in every other parking space.
  • There is NO ACCESS to the anglers’ lounge or kitchen upstairs at the Boat House. A toilet is available downstairs in the Boat House. Toilets around the banks remain closed to avoid risk of infection.
  • Please ensure you sanitise your hands regularly

Bank Anglers

  • To fish a minimum 15m apart. To ensure bank anglers observe social distancing, it is insisted they

arrive at the fishery by themselves unless they can prove they reside at the same address.

  • Catch returns must still be submitted as per the Fishery regulations. Pens, returns boxes and cards are sanitised regularly.
  • Fishery Rules still apply alongside these changes. Any angler breaching the Rules or failing to maintain Social Distancing risks being ask to leave the Reservoir.
  • Any syndicate angler not observing the precautions, rules or guidelines will be asked to leave the fishery and their Syndicate/Club will be informed.

Boat Angling (Date to be confirmed) 

  • NOTE- contactless payment is preferred at all times when making your booking
  • Boat anglers may fish with people who live in the same household only
  • Lifejackets will be sanitised before and after use
  • Boats will be sanitised before and after use

When the Office Re-opens (currently closed)

  • Anglers who require to enter the office or shop to purchase tackle will be required to use the hand

sanitiser by the door – a strict one in, one out policy will operate

  • Staff will all be issued with disposable gloves with hand sanitiser available for use by anglers

All anglers are asked to be responsible with regard to their own health & safety. Please sanitise or wash your hands with soap regularly and maintain your distance from others. DO NOT visit the fishery if you have a high temperature or feel unwell, have a new persistent cough or a sore throat, or if you have lost your sense of taste & smell.


**Note – new changes will run alongside the existing Blithfield Anglers rules &

Syndicate Angler Guidelines **

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