Branston Water Park (Postcode DE14 3HD)

///Branston Water Park (Postcode DE14 3HD)
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This large mature gravel pit is a nature reserve. All wildlife must be treated with respect. It is shared with the local model boat club (please note Boat Club have priority in marked areas) and the general public. Primarily a specimen Carp water with Bream, Tench and Pike to specimen sizes also holds Roach, Perch and Eels. Mainly fished by Carp anglers and as a result is pegged accordingly with each peg having its own boundary and has rules which only apply to Carp / Pike anglers which are listed below. The Bream fishing is currently untapped with 10lbs + fish caught every year by Carp anglers, the Tench Roach and Perch are of a good size as well! The bay between the car park and the canal is the deepest area (16’) and is where the big Roach stay in winter, the depth gets shallower the further you go along the pool with their being only 3’ along the reed beds. The islands along the middle of the pool are where the Bream are and as for the Tench they show all over including the near margins.

There are specific Branston Rules in the Association’s main rules. They should be read in conjunction with these notes.
Anglers fishing Swan and Willow between March and July must be careful not to disturb birds during the nesting period. NO anglers allowed in the REED BEDS at any time. NO wading in front of the REED BEDS. ANY Members breaking these rules will lose their membership. Members must park in the car park. A member fishing the BRICK swim is allowed to drop off their tackle then move their car immediately.

Notice Board – A notice board has been set up outside the Visitor Centre to provide the latest news. A set of specific rules and a large scale map of the water are also displayed.

You must obey these rules for Branston.

Senior members may use three rods at this water; however they must be kept close together in the same swim. Members MUST NOT spread rods across adjoining pegs at any time. JUNIORs are only allowed to use one rod.

All Juniors fishing at Branston must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Night Permits: Will be based first on previous night permit holders, then on length of membership in the club. Members must have at least one year’s membership before being eligible. New applicants must apply in writing before June 1st each year to R. Sutton, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope, cheque for £50 made payable to BMAA, together with your membership number and phone number. Permits will be valid from 1st July to the following 30th June. The permit must be carried with you when fishing at night, or else you will be required to leave the water.

There are separate paying-in nights for Existing night permit holders on Monday 7th June and Tuesday 8th June 2021 at the Kingstanding HQ you will need to book a time slot with our Secretary on 07595 631472 – (you cannot just turn up without a booked time). Main club subscriptions will be taken at the same time if not already paid.

Members without a night permit may only fish Branston between the hours of 5am to 10pm Summertime and 5am to 5pm Wintertime. They must LEAVE the waterpark outside of these times. Summer and Winter being defined by clock changes.

Guest Day Tickets: Are not allowed on this water on Fridays or Saturdays from March to September inclusive.

Carp sacks/Retainers: These may be used during the hours of darkness but for no more than one hour during the day.

Carp cannot be retained in keep nets.

Bait Boats and Model Boat Club

Would all members using bait boats please check the notice board outside the Visitor
Centre for crystals allocated to anglers only. These must be adhered to so as not to
interfere with model boat club members.

Boat Club race dates are now on the ‘Waters Booked List’ (the old Match Fishing List).

They will also be on the notice board with details of the restrictions on fishing. Other race dates will be displayed on this notice board as they are scheduled.

Branston Water Park
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