General Rules


1. Members must read and understand these Rules. Members breaking any Rule may be expelled from the Association. THE COMMITTEE’S DECISION IS FINAL

2. All members must obey the Environment Agency (E.A.) bye-laws.

Members must:-

  1. Keep to the river bank or tow path, or to an appropriate access, fishing from banks only.
  2. Close all gates where appropriate. Our lock may be accompanied on a gate by other locks. In this case our lock must always be kept locked.
  3. Not leave any litter
  4. Not damage any property
  5. Not light any fires including BBQ
  6. Keep a distance of 15 yards apart, if requested.

3. Members must pay their subscriptions via Clubmate in full (see subscriptions page)

Any member not having paid within 30 days of membership expiring will forfeit membership.

Proof of membership is by an identification card.

It is the member’s responsibility to renew membership each year, by paying the appropriate subscription.

4. Members, when fishing, must produce their proof of membership on demand of other members or bailiffs. All members should be on the alert to prevent trespassing by asking strangers to produce their identification.

5. If any unauthorised person or persons are found fishing in the waters of the Association, such person or persons may be prosecuted at the discretion of the Committee.

6. All Salmon, Sea Trout and Brown Trout must be returned to the water. All coarse fish must be returned to the water (including pike, eels and grayling) on termination of fishing, in accordance with EA byelaws.

7. River Dove ONLY – During the close season for coarse fish, fishing for trout is by fly only. There is no fishing with bait or lures on any running water during the close season.

8. Guest Day tickets are available to all members.

9. Any Member may take his/her spouse fishing free of charge. Senior members may take persons under the age of 17 free of charge in an effort to teach/encourage them – provided that they all fish the same peg, with NO increase in the number of rods allowed per peg. (See also general rule 14).

10. For all matches listed on BMAA website, no members shall pleasure fish either bank of the match length during the match.

11. All members must use a suitable landing net and when fishing for specimen fish and must use a suitable unhooking mat. The applies to ALL waters.

12. Night fishing at Branston Water Park, or any other water designated by the Committee, is controlled by use of a night permit that must be applied for each year. A charge may be made and/or numbers may be restricted.

13. When fishing the River Dove anglers must not fish the swim of another angler already fishing from the opposite bank, unless they have no objection.

14. Only two rods are allowed on all club waters except Branston Water Park, Manor Park, Saddlesall, Oddstone (incl Coton and Predator) and Staunton Harold where 3 rods are allowed, subject to EA rules.

15. Only semi-barbless treble hooks are allowed (with the exception of lures where barbed trebles are allowed).

16. Carp sacks/retainers are allowed during the hours of darkness and for a maximum of one daylight hour only.

17. A member can spend no more than 24 hours on one river peg, but that member can move to another peg.

18. Members should not take dogs with them onto club waters with the exception of Branston Water Park where dogs are allowed to be taken. Dogs must be tethered AT ALL TIMES.

19. No carp are to be retained in keepnets or sacks at Kingstanding pools except during an official event. (This is to help prevent movement of fish between pools)

20. Bait boats are NOT allowed on Kingstanding, Cauldwell, Callingwood and Rangemore.

21. All person(s) fishing B.M.A.A waters must carry a current EA Rod Licence and produce it on request of any authorised official.

22. Where night fishing is permitted (see individual venue details) there is a 48-hr maximum stay with exceptions of Branston Water Park where members can stay for a maximum of five days and Kingstanding (bottom pool only) and Caldwell where members can stay for a maximum of 24-hrs.

23. No camping on any club water under any circumstances. Our fisheries and car parks are for angling only NOT for camping.

24. Night fishing is for members only unless an application is made to the secretary for a single guest (non fishing) to join them (this must be approved before the date). When night fishing it is only permitted to use a single bivvy or a brolly (NOT tents) – If night fishing on a river brolly’s only, (no bivvies or tents permitted on any river).

25. You are responsible for any litter in your swim, whether it’s yours or not. Litter must be cleared before fishing and taken with you when you leave. No excuses.

26. No access is available on The River Trent during the close season for members to walk the banks/pre-bait/Fish spot etc – BMAA may change padlocks to combination locks during close season period

27. No junior members may night fish unless accompanied by a full BMAA adult/OAP member.

28. No fishing is allowed for Pike during the period from 15th March – 30th September, (i.e., no use of deadbaits, livebaits, lures, spinners etc).Deadbaiting for eels with single hook rigs is permitted in the period one hour before dusk to an hour after dawn. Drop shotting and lure fishing (maximum sized lure being 2” (50mm) long) with single hooks and no wire traces is permitted for other predatory fish.



The following Tackle Dealers stock Guest Tickets and Canal Tickets:

  • Bacchus and Rhone – Woodville, DE11 7DU – (Guest tickets and Canal) 01283 216870
  • Staffs Angling Supplies – Chasetown, WS7 8XL (Guest tickets ONLY) 01543 683308
  • Carthys, Armitage – WS15 4AA – (Guest tickets ONLY)  01543 491228
  • Fishermania 142 Derby Street, Burton, DE14 2LG – (Guest tickets and Canal)  01283 540433
  • Nathans of Derby – Edgeware Road, Mackworth, Derby – DE22 4EW – (Guest tickets ONLY) 01332 515353
  • Tamworth Fishing Tackle – Tamworth, B79 7QE (Guest tickets ONLY) 01827 66701


The agreement has been renewed without significant change for this season. The main points are:

  • It applies to all canoeists, who must display on their person, or canoe or paddle, a form of identification,
    which should be quoted if any complaints or comments are to be made.
  • It covers the following stretches of the River Dove at the following times:-
    • From Marston Bridge to 200 yards below Marston Weir on Monday evenings from 4.30 p.m. until sunset – April to July inclusive. (Maximum of 20 canoes)
    • Anywhere under “Flood Conditions”, which are deemed as water above the parapet at the Monks Bridge, or ABOVE 1.5 metres on the marker by Tutbury Road bridge. (Maximum of 30 canoes)
    • Anywhere on March 15th, 16th, or 17th, or the first weekend of the closed season for coarse fishing.