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There have been a number of fish deaths at a local club lake, the KH Virus is present in many waters but lays dormant until the fish get temperature stressed, as their waters are so close to ours and we share membership, the committee have decided to suspend the use of keepnets on all BMAA still waters, this along with members ensuring that their landing nets, weigh slings and unhooking mats are bone dry before use. Any still water match organisers must also check all nets before they can be put into the water, also all bailiffs please check where you can.

Junior Coaching Classes

The junior coaching classes are now running at Kingstanding Pools on a Wednesday evening this is open to all junior anglers inc none memebers. This runs all through the summer until the nights start to draw in. To book on please give Jez a ring on 07855 833133


When renewing your membership this year, please do the following:

  1. Go to the website www.burtonmutual.co.uk and stay on the welcome/home page.
  2. Look to the top right hand corner of the page for a section called “Membership and Tickets” click here and a drop down list will say ” Membership, Tickets and Fly fishing”, click on “membership”.
  3. The next page will have a blue box called “log in and Renew”, click on here.
  4. Log in to your own home page. if you cannot remember your password please click on “forgotten password” and an email will be sent you with a link and instructions, this email may well end up in your “spam or Junk mail” Folder on your email system, this is because it is an automated email and email systems see automated emails normally as Spam/Junk, however this one isn’t.
  5. Once Logged in, you should have your own home page where you can check/change anything on your profile, please check this for changes of Address, email address or phone number etc.
  6. Also on your home page you should have the option to renew your membership, as long as you are within 10 days of your expiry date. If it isn’t there please check your expiry date.
  7. Follow the instructions to complete the renewal, right through to the payment where if you have completed it you should get a green  “Success” box appear with a large tick in it, this tells you, you have completed your renewal.

Just a reminder, that you will only paying from your expiry date this year to the end of December, you will then need to renew again in January or February, your choice.


The committee requests that members only renew their permits within the actual renewal month, please ignore the 30 day reminder emails as we have allocated only 10 days before your expiry date to renew, this is so you cannot renew early and pay more than you need to, to renew your ticket, this will aid the pro-rata membership until January/February 2025

Would anyone who has not received their ID card after 3 weeks from joining/renewing please email the secretary stating your name and date of renewal/joining at secretary@burtonmutual.co.uk


Kingstanding Pools
There will be some disruption and noise around the top and middle pools and some pegs will be closed on the dam wall between top and middle pools over the coming months, as ground works are required that could not be done during the bad weather this winter, we apologise for the inconvenience. Many thanks for your patience.
The Committee


Bringing Memberships into line 2025

I have now had time to work out the correct figures for the monthly membership fees, please see below, These will be taken in one payment when you renew. In January 2025 you will have 2 months leeway to renew between Jan 1st to the last day of February 2025.

Adults will be charged £8 per month from their renew date to end of December 2024.

OAP’s will be charged £5 per month from their renew date to end of December 2024

It will automatically change on your renewal.


All new members please read the general club rules on the website before starting to fish, but also visit the water page that you want to fish and read the write up as there may be more specific water rules on that page, also read the local water rules which are on notice boards at the venues.


Burton Mutual Angling Association

Burton Mutual Angling Association is believed to date back to 1884, our oldest records date back to a committee minute book in 1892. This makes us one of the oldest existing angling associations in the country. Therefore, we have a long pedigree in providing first class angling venues and facilities for the use of all types of angler in coarse fishing, carp fishing, river fishing and of course the future of our sport the juniors.

Our club is also one of the larger clubs and therefore relies on member participation so if you are a dedicated angler and want to be a part of a flourishing progressive angling club, please come and join us.

Thinking of joining us? Please go to our membership page for more details.

ODDSTONE - november dawn
We are currently open to all new members until March 1st 2024. Please keep checking the website for any updates
Join Us
Non-members and guests wanting to fish our waters can purchase a Day Ticket for the canal - Day tickets are available to buy online.
We work with a local company to supply BMAA embroidered merchandise - click on the link to access our approved supplier.
We run regular matches across our venues. The full fixture list can be found under the Match fixtures page.

Club waters

As a member of our club, you will gain access to our 11 stillwaters plus stretches of the River Dove, River Trent & Trent & Mersey Canal.