Existing members

New Members

FULL MEMBER £70 £100
O.A.P. £35 £60
Junior £10 £10

Subscriptions are required every 12 months. We now prefer that all subscriptions are paid online. Any Cheques or postal orders should be made payable to B.M.A.A. If renewing by post,
a Stamped Addressed Envelope is required together with your membership number and remittance. Please send to:-


PO BOX 7909


DE14 9HP

Paying-in nights are each Thursday in May from 7.30 to 9.00 at the Beech Hotel, Derby Rd, Burton on Trent, DE13 0DL. You can also pay with cash at paying in nights.

Please note that if any cheques are returned, the Association incurs charges. We will therefore charge you £10 if your cheque is not honoured by your bank.

Membership lapses if subcription in not paid within 30 days of expiry, you will then need to reapply as a new member.

There is a seperate paying-in night for existing night permit holders on June 8th 2020 from 7.30-9.00pm at Kingstanding pools HQ (you are advised to pay both subscription required and night permit on this session).

Juniors are defined as persons of age up to and including 18 as at 31st May.

Junior membership can be obtained or renewed by post to the Secretary, or at any of the paying in nights for senior members.NOTE that anglers 12 yrs and over must obtain an E.A. Rod licence.

O.A.P. members are those eligible for State Retirement Pension before 31st May of the subscription year.

All members (except Juniors) may purchase a permit to take a Guest with them when visiting any of our waters, if you wish to take more than one guest, please contact the secretary.

Guest Tickets cost £5.00 each and are valid from dawn until dusk. Restrictions to availability may apply. eg. at Branston Water Park.

Night permits (£50) are required to night fish or stay overnight at Branston. See Branston Page for conditions/restrictions and how to apply.

In the event of needing to report a problem at our waters, contact Head Bailiff, Gordon Plant on 07767 637477, or the club mobile on 07891 126910.

Environment Agency Fly Tipping or Pollution Hotline 0800 80 70 60.

ESBC CONTACTS (for the fleam pool – Millstream Lane area) 01283 508343 or Neighbourhood Warden on 01283 508526

The Association is a group member of the Angling Trust. We recommend that all anglers also join as individuals.

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