Fleam and Fleam Pool

GENERAL NOTE – Millstream Lane has been blighted by fly tipping for many years. Please be aware of East Staffs DC number to report any fly tipping is 01283 508508.

Access for both is down Millstream Lane (see Dove map Car Park 22). After prolonged rainfall the railway under-pass can flood, so drive through with care. We hold fishing rights on the fleam from the Trent and Mersey canal down to the Dove. Holding the same species as the river but of a smaller size the Fleam can provide good general fishing especially when carrying extra water or with a bit of colour (can be better in winter). The better pegs are on the same side as the track / pool making access easy.

Last Year a combined project of Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, BMAA and the EA saw some modifications to Fleam pool, some more reed habitat was added to the pool, some cutting back of the trees and a shallow run from and too the river were added, the cutting back of the trees and the adding of the shallow run should allow better flow of flood water into and out of the pool hopefully this will re-plenish the fish stocks and freshen the water in the pool.

The pool is just 60m from car park – it is very overgrown and has difficult access. We have ongoing issues with accessing this water to carry out maintenance. It is fishable but should be only considered if you like the challenge of forming an access route and swims.