Kingstanding Pools

The pools are approx 1 mile from the New Inn on the B5234 and ¼ mile from A515. The entrance gate is marked ‘private’ and is locked (key req.). We own the pools and are always improving both fish stocks and the Pegging. You will note that each pool is individually stocked with its own species (please do not transfer fish).

Top Pool

Tench / Crucian pool, holding Tench to 4 lbs and Crucians to 1¼ lbs. The depths vary from approx. 2 ½’ at the top end to approx. 6’ along the dam wall. A good early morning and late evening water on the float with Corn, Bread, and Casters all catching. The Tench tend to stay in the margins and are spread all around the pool. The Crucians prefer the deeper water along the dam wall. Also holds Bream, Rudd, Roach, Perch but only a few Carp. No Night fishing.

Middle Pool

Carp Pool, holding Carp to 10lbs. Like the top pool the deeper water (6’) is along the dam end. An easy water with all methods producing. A good surface water (Bread / Dog Biscuits); the margins produce the better fish. Also holds Roach, Rudd and Perch. No night fishing.

Bottom Pool

Mixed Pool, holding Carp 18lbs, Pike 15lbs and Bream 5lbs. Also holds Skimmers, Roach, Perch and Tench. The depths vary, with the deepest water (6’) being the bay at the top end and only 2.5’ around the islands gradually getting deeper towards the dam (6’). Night fishing is permitted but the use of bivvies is not allowed on the “lawn area” adjacent to the industrial estate.

Bait boats are NOT allowed (rule 20).