Old Dove

The Old Dove (4 on Dove map) – POSTCODE DE65 5GB

Is an old section of the river that has been cut off. It has a gravel bottom, is quite shallow (4’), very clear and as a result is full of weed and lilies. Add to this the large size of the fish and you have a tough nut to crack! Some days the fish will ignore everything you offer and others they just give themselves up. The best times are early morning and late evening. The Old Dove holds good Roach, Perch, Tench and Carp.

From the car park to the end of the trees this section was dredged and then pegged. It has a few deeper holes and these pegs can produce the bigger Roach and Pike. From the trees up to the bend it is very shallow but holds some Tench and Carp in the summer. The bend itself is a good area due to its extra depth and cover.

Further along is the open water and cow drink, the fishing here is good for all species, especially around the brook end. This was also the last section to be dredged so is deeper than the other sections.

This water is a SSSI we are restricted on work that we can undertake – as a result its a very natural overgrown venue.